Shelves at work

Laser cutting, meanwhile, is used primarily for metal parts and structures. It is particularly appreciated for its speed of execution and its high precision. Depending on the metal used, one can produce pieces of various thicknesses and dimensions. We will find sharp outlines even in the case of extensive series of essays. Perfect reproduction of metal parts, as well as simple and complex shapes, are possible. aluminum cnc router cutting can also be used.

“Used for only a few years in industrial production, fiber lasers have a monolithic structure that guarantees a high beam quality. Also, a high power concentration can be created on the part, “

Smaller and lighter than traditional lasers, fiber optic lasers require less floor space. These devices are elastic. “Additional optical modules can be added to increase power as requirements increase,”

 Cutting Tables, Choose Between Quality Or Speed


Some equipment is for shipbuilding, metallurgy or metal fabrication. In some cases, several torches will allow simultaneous cutting. Other cutting centers have floor rails that facilitate fine and precise cutting of thick materials.

The double-deck machines, on the other hand, offer additional robustness that can accommodate a 30 HP drilling station. More sophisticated units go so far as to replace multiple tools (processes) at the same time.

Over the last 20 years, a multitude of equally specific processes has developed to meet the material cutting market. Among the most popular are water jet, plasma, laser, milling and blade systems.